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Meet The Fleet

The premier bar experience you never knew you needed


A vintage piaggio ape beverage truck and the first of it's kind to make it's way to Wisconsin. This cute gal has 4 taps and can serve up to 4 different beverages. Dress her up in florals and balloons, or keep her au naturale; either way she's a beaut and a complete stand out for any event. Daisy can drive right on inside if there are double doors wide enough to fit her.



A vintage vespa scooter with sidebar (aka the Vesbar) and the first of it's kind to hit Wisconsin. He can serve up to two different beverages on tap; perfect for those smaller get togethers. This sexy fella is able to fit through a double door and is fully electric. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, he also has a built in Marshall speaker that can blast those tunes all night long. The crème de la crème, we know! Him and Daisy pair well and can be rented together- we call it the Daisy Duke combo.

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